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The Process

Interactive Design Studios follows a three step process for it's website projects. Our meticulous approach is focused on delivering quality, ensuring client satisfaction, and consistently achieving outstanding results. Our protocol ensures exceptional outcomes, that go above and beyond expectations every time.


This is a crucial step when it comes to website design. We partner with our clients to fully understand their business. We start by meeting with our clients to obtain that knowledge, which reinforces our ability to effectively create a design that incorporates their goals. To assist in this process, our clients complete a "Business Overview" form which allows us to accurately concieve the ideal design. This allows us to smoothly transition to the next phase of the project.


As a vital step in the process, we use the information from the "Business Overview" form to create a "Wireframe" of the website. This design is created in greyscale, and it's purpose is to outline the basic functionality and layout of the website. It's especially important because clients get to see what their ideas look like visually. When finished, we go over the design with them and make any necessary adjustments or changes before moving on to the next step in the process.


The construction of a unified design is only possible when all elements are collected and combined. It's essential to understand what will look visually appealing across social media platforms, desktops, laptops, tablets, or phones, so that content can be enjoyed regardless of the device. Therefore, color schemes, imagery, text and videos must all be taken into consideration when putting together a cohesive design. Careful thought goes into creating an enjoyable visual experience for all users.

Developing a high quality website takes more than just a computer and a free wordpress theme. It requires hours of planning and research. Understanding what we are working with, the industry the client is part of and research. We need a clear understanding of who the target audience is and how to best gain their attention and hold it. We must develop a strategy to bring the best content together within a great design. Making all aspects of the project come together to create a showpiece for the client. Your customers will interact with the website through forms, downloads, reading informational blog posts, watching videos, etc. The user experience will be amazing and customers will continue to come back for more.

~ The Design Team

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